Friday, March 4, 2016

When should you trim your Poodle’s nails?

Nail trimming can be arduous task for even your own human body.  Now we throw in a third-party animal that happens to be a misfit Poodle.  All Poodle owners know as sweet as they are, Poodles live by their own code.  They have their own dislikes and likes and don’t seem to like to be bathed or have their feet messed with.  Luckily for you this isn’t an eighty pound beast you need to wrangle, it is actually much more manageable.

When should you trim your Poodle’s nails?  The best answer would of course be when they are too long.  By too long, I am referring to that they are scratching surfaces or are way too long and are dragging all over the place.  We don’t want their poor little feet to get caught in the carpet or much worst actually have a nail rip off.  That’s why you need to cut these nails before they start causing problems.

The best action to take when asking yourself, when should you trim your Poodle’s nails is to take them to a Vet and actually have their nails trimmed there.  Depending on your Vet they should do a really great job in cutting the nails for you.  From there you will be able to see what your Poodle’s nails look like after fully being cut down.  You will see how they no longer obstruct the paw, and just look nice all around.  Take a mental note of this so you can assess when you feel the nails are just getting a bit too long.

Your Poodle’s nails are very sensitive so be extra careful if you are going to try and cut them yourself.  If you cut too far it will cause them to bleed, and be painful.  So start with very short and shallow cuts.

Do miniature Poodles smell badly?

Are you deciding on whether or not you want a toy Poodle?  Or maybe you just want to know if your smelly Poodle is the norm.  Well I can tell you right now dogs are prone to all types of odors.  They will generally smell based on the activity and exercise levels they are currently exuding.  Miniature Poodles will sometimes have an odor based on how recent they were outside, and whether or not their skin is excreting oils.

At the same time when judging, do miniature Poodles smell badly; you need to take in consent that some toy Poodles smell great.  So it is not always just a yes or no answer.  Some reasons that you miniature Poodle may be smelling bad, maybe backed up anal glands, stepped in unsavory poop, rolled around in the dirt, or maybe is just gassy.  Dogs don’t tend to have a filter when it comes to passing gas, they just like to do it.  Which is understandable they aren’t taught manners as a child as most of us were.  They just release that pressure to feel better, so maybe take a look at their diet.  Are they eating too many foods that are not just their dog food.  Maybe it is the dog food itself, are they digesting this okay?

I don’t want people to think an automatic yes to, do miniature Poodles smell badly?  It could boil down to a lot of different variables that will directly correlate to the lifestyle of your pet.  Your Poodle may smell bad, but it may be because of the food YOU are feeding it.  They can’t take showers or run baths themselves, so it is up to you to maintain the cleanliness and wash off your little buddy when they get dirty.

Long or Short Leash Best for Poodles?

Poodles are free spirits they like to roam as far as the possibly can especially when outside.  Tiny dogs tend to go crazy at the sight of everlasting freedom.  I’m sure as a Poodle owner your puppy has tried to get out of the house more than a few times.  How scary is it when your Poodle makes a b-line out of the door? All you can do is chase them and hope that they don’t run into the street or anything dangerous like that.  The best way to combat this jailbreak system, and calm your anxiety is to take your Poodle on walks.

Taking your poodle on walks will let him or her expend their energy while simultaneously making them happy.  So before you take your little one on a walk, you need to decide which leash to go with.  Is long or short leash best for Poodles?  It is understandable why you would think to go with a short leash because they are such a tiny dog you don’t want too much slack holding both of you back.  The only complaint I have with this is, have you ever been outside with a tiny Poodle?  They want to go everywhere and smell everything.  A long leash would allow your puppy to roam freely and smell flowers, bushes, and fence posts without having you to walk up to each one.

When I say long leash I am referring to the retractable ones, where it will extend as far as your dog goes.  The best idea to take in consent when comparing long or short leash best for Poodles, is to take a look at your dog.  Does your Poodle exhibit animalistic urges when associating with outside?  Does he or she like to stay by your side and feel much more comfortable next to you?

Every Poodle is different; it just depends on the environment they grew up in mixed with their pedigree.  Your toy poodle may have different reactions than say a standard poodle has.  A retractable leash may just pull the little animal too much, causing constant pressure on its neck.  Make sure you make the best choice when deciding what kind of leash to use one your Poodle.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The key to your Poodle’s heart

When first adjusting your Poodle to a new life with you and your family, the best course of action would be actually giving him or her a reason to like you.  Well how do we do that? Easy, you just need to feed him something tasty, so that he knows good things can actually come from you.  These treats will double as positive reinforcement.  You will not only becoming more closer to your poodle, you will also be using it to show him or her the difference between right and wrong.

Do Poodles like Milk Bones?

Milk bones are a staple in the dog community, for the one reason that dog’s actually really enjoyed them.  The shape of a little tiny bone mixed with the satisfying crack and crunch sound, dogs simply eat up.  Now with a Poodle you need to be careful that you don’t buy the large sized milk bones.  These will be way to big for your little Poodle’s mouth and stomach.  The boxes are usually labeled descriptively so that you don’t make that mistake.  Usually a picture of the sized animal will be on the cover.  But now does my poodle like milk bones?  Your poodle may just spit it out, and only prefer the sweeter treats like bacon strips or maybe even some kind of wet dog food.  Try different options out and see which one your Poodle takes to the most.

One thing you need to be careful is not over feeding your dog with too many treats.  Strictly treats are not much of a diet, and sometime will cause your dog to get sick.  All those treats do not sit well in their stomach, especially with a lack of exercise.  So next time you ask yourself do poodles like milk bones?  Remember, it all depends on your little one.